About Us


We are the best Interior designer since 1990.

Established in 1990, we are a full-service interior design firm. Our endeavor is to lend unique style to each design, keeping in mind, aesthetics and functionality. However, at the heart of every creation is our client’s expectation. Reason why, we take a customized approach to every design solution.

Residential Design

We believe that our clients deserve nothing but the best. And that belief transcends in our commitment to offering them contemporary and multi-cultural interiors while staying within your budget.

Office Interiors

We help you create a perfect ambience for your office that maximize productivity and workplace happiness.

Custom Made Furniture Designs

We specialize in creating customized furniture tailored to your space and personalized for your comfort.

1456 Projects Completed
144 Fresh Ideas
917 Satistied Clients
261 Cups of Coffee

Our Team

Instead of hiring one designer with a singular sensibility, you’ll have an entire design team working on your behalf—for the cost of one. You can expect us to bring fresh and unexpected ideas to the table—from concepts to the finishing touches.

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